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Breed Description


The Lhasa Apso is a small hairy dog which originated from Tibet and are alert and reserved with strangers. They are good watchdogs, but has tendency to bark without control. Their coat needs daily care and early handling is advisable. They need early socialization to be tolerant to other dogs. 

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Small dog breed


The Lhasa Apso is an alert and vocal dog.  They are calm, loyal, lovable dogs, which are, cheerful and independent, and distrustful of strangers. The Lhasa Apso likes company but it will not cling to you. This breed is an excellent dog for a family and single people.

Breed Group:

Non-sporting dog breed


The shoulder-height is about 23cm (9.5in).


6 – 7kg (13 – 15lb).


The Lhasa Apso gets on well with other dogs and other household pets, and children. They are rather cautious towards strangers. It should be properly socialized at an early age, but then makes a playful and affectionate pet.


The very long top coat has no curls and is quite hard. The undercoat is medium-length and somewhat softer. Almost any color is acceptable, including blue, black, all manner of shades of beige, reg, grey, white, brown, and multi-colored.


The Lhasa Apso requires a great deal of thorough grooming with brush and comb every week, paying attention not only to the topcoat but undercoat especially to prevent and remove tangles. Pulling the hairs too hard is not recommended during combing to prevent breakages. Check the eyes regularly for dirt and for any irritant hair, clip excess hair between the pads of the feet, and keep the ear passages clean. 


The Lhasa Apso are intelligent enough to understand your rules so the use of harsh words can touch them deep in the soul and cause them to feel insulted and be very disconcerted and withdrawn. Do not expect any tricks from it and lead its character in the right direction by rewarding it when it does well.


The Lhasa Apso is a solid little dog with a cheerful and assertive character, yet it can be wary of strangers. It carries an abundance of coat, with hair completely covering its face and body. The ears are pendent and heavily feathered. The tail is also well feathered, high-set, and carried over the back.

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