Surgical Services

We deliver first class surgical services as below

  1. Surgical Neutering

    We perform various forms of surgical castration and spaying in dogs, cats, goats etc. With precision we deliver the best in this art.

  2. Soft tissue Surgery

    Deformations requiring surgical correction like cancerous tissues and other forms of deformation, is an area we have recorded numerous successes.

  3. C-Section

    We have successfully carried out several ceaserian sections saving puppies that would have died in the womb. Our successes also include: C-section in antelope and cattle.

  4. Cosmetic Surgery

    We have performed countless cosmetic surgeries like ear cropping and tail docking in both puppies and adult dogs. Special ear cropping for breeds like Pitbull, Cane corso, Great dane etc. has given us high reputation in the art.

Medical Services

Our splendid medical services outlined

Diagnoses & Treatment

We diagnose and treat all kinds of animal & pet diseases, both small, large & zoo animals.

Book Appointment

Book appointment with us via phone or web and we will respond and solve your problem as best as we can.

Home Services

We also offer home services when you are unable to visit the clinic with your pet.

Scheduled Alert

When you register your pet with us, our system gives you SMS alerts on your pets next scheduled appointment.

Pet Care Services

We offer other dog care services such as:

Pet Boarding Services

We offer boarding services to our clients who can't keep their pets for one reason or the other especially when they travel.

Dog Saloon

We offer hair trimming, grooming and bathing services including medicated bathing to give your pets the best looks and fresh smelling fur.

Pet Advice

We do our best to give you the best guide on how to care for your pet so that you will get the best from them.

Pest Control Services

Pests can degrade your health, your pet's health and immunity so we also have services to rid your homes of these pests.

Emergency Care

We are always available to attend to emergencies.

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