Dog breeds and their price range in Nigeria

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | March 18th, 2016

People keep coming to me to ask these questions; what is the price range of the most popular dog breeds in Nigeria? Which dog breed is the cheapest or most affordable to keep it rather mildly? And it takes a lot to explain these price variations because various factors like degree of “pureness”, popularity of the breed, availability of the breed, size of the puppy (Caucasians, Rottweiler & Mastiffs), color of the puppy (Lhasa Apso) all determine the price of the puppy or dog.

Most affordable dogs

Local dog – Most beginners with dogs in Nigeria start with the local dogs before they start to become aware of the foreign breeds because these dogs are extremely cheap and can be bought as low as #2000 to #5000. They are rather more expensive for people living inside the city of Abuja because they are almost nonexistent and the sourcing fee for this breed might raise the price.

Local dog crossed with German Shepherd dog– the most common name given to this breed in Nigeria is Alsatian Dog or Police dog. Most of the available Alsatians in Nigeria are genetically diluted that they come in various shapes and sizes but most still retain the snout and the black vest back coat color of the Alsatian dog. Please note that the name Alsatian is an alternative to German Shepherd dog coined by Americans. These categories of dogs go for as low as #20,000 to #50,000. Most vendors or sellers might use the phrase “slant” or “slant back” to make it sound like its pure but in most cases they are not. I like to call this category of dog “Regular German Shepherd Dog” because they are the most readily seen.

Fairly affordable dogs

Toy dogs – these are the Samoyed, Lhasa Apso, Japanese spitz these dogs have a price range of #45,000 - #90,000. These prices largely depend on demand and supply. There are seasons where these dogs are all over the place that people seem not to be buying them. During these period the prices tend to drop to as low as #30,000. Do not forget that when you need to sell to a reseller you will have to sell lower than the going price.

Caucasian dog – This very hairy wolf-like dog is the third most popular dog in Nigeria after German Shepherd dog and Rottweiler. Their popularity might be traced to the information that they are good with children and very good as security dogs. I might agree with this believe from experience. Another reason is the fur and the massive looks of the dog. It’s rather unfortunate that many of them are genetically diluted but still retain the characteristic grey color coat. The mixed ones are easily spotted through their facial looks and some by their color. Some vendors like to show you a color marking that might appear on their legs and may call it “socks”, they might further tell you that it means that the puppy is pure. Please disregard this insinuation because it can also appear on the mixed ones. The price range of this breed is #50,000 - #150,000.

Rottweiler – This breed is fairly affordable due to level of “pureness”. Most sellers in Nigeria categorize them as “long mouth”, “short mouth”, “Boxed head”, “bowed legged” etc.  These distinctions determine the prices of these dogs or puppies. Of all mentioned above the cheapest is the “long mouth” which might go for #40,000 to #55,000. The rest range from #75,000 - #180,000 depending on the combination of these physical features. Please disregard some misleading statement like “German Rott” or “American Rott” because many desperate sellers use this to mislead buyers to get more from them. There is nothing like those – if it’s not Rottweiler according to the breed standard by American Kennel Club, it’s not Rottweiler so do not listen to those statements.

Bull Mastiff – This breed is not as sort for as the aforementioned breeds but very valuable by those that love this breed. The price range of this dog is fairly stable between #75,000 and #150,000. Anything looking different from the muscular Bull mastiff might be sold between #30,000 and #60,000.

Less affordable dogs

Mastiffs as Neopolitan Mastiff, Cane Corso, Bull dog, Pugs, Great Dane, St. Bernard, these are relatively rare dogs in Nigeria. These dogs are mostly owned by very experienced dog owners and lovers of ugly dogs. Most Nigerian breeders of this dog usually mix them especially the Cane Corso and Neapolitan Mastiff. The only way to recognize this mixture is the disappearance of the folds of the Neapolitan Mastiff. The Cane Corso does not come with folds so if it’s present it means the dog may not be complete Cane Corso. The Bull Dog and Pugs do not usually come in diluted genes. These dogs range from #120,000 - #350,000.


Tibetan Mastiff – this dog is as expensive as #1,000,000 and above if you can find the puppy. It is currently the most expensive dog in the world. The Chinese people are the main breeders of this dog worldwide.

Pedigree dogs

This cuts across the entire breeds and mostly bred from imported parents and they mostly go from #120,000 to #350,000. These dogs have history from their parents and great grandparents. These types of puppies or dogs are bred by very serious breeders in Nigeria and they mostly own only one breed of dog. You must be a serious buyer to approach these guys because they have integrity regarding the business. And the more their dogs grow the more expensive it becomes unlike the others that might lose value as they grow.


I am just writing this based on my personal interactions with dog sellers and my experience as a dog seller. Please these prices are not the standard prices in Nigeria. I am only giving out prices based on my personal experience to help guide you on buying or selling. Do not forget that demand and supply can affect prices. These prices DO NOT INCLUDE price of IMPORTED DOGS and PUPPIES.

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