How do you remember your pet?

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | December 14th, 2021

It's common to see someone, all by himself smiling over some memories. This happens to me a lot when I remember my pets, the ones still with me, the ones I gave out and the ones that have died. I have always been a lover of animals and what really fascinates me is the behavior they display sometimes, the annoying ones and the funny ones, even the very familiar behaviors.

There are things that can make you dislike your pet like when they are learning to hold their potty. The mess can be very infuriating but the love for the pet overrides all. It's interesting when your pet understands what you're trying to teach them and follow your instructions, this makes you so happy to lead the pet to a better behavior.

Sometimes, we help our pets to do what we later come to regret. My dog, Peach, a pug dog, was left to lay on my bed at will and the day I regretted this it became a struggle to change her. She came as a little 4weeks puppy so I had treated her like a baby that she was. She would sleep right beside me every night. Although it was annoying that she like to change position constantly and sometimes ruin my sleep. The day I wish I never allowed her to sleep on the bed was when she came on heat. She was bleeding all over the house especially on the bed. It was not her fault, it was just a normal circle that happens to female dogs during their reproductive periods.

The memorable thing about that time was that I asked her to get down from the bed and she looked at me as if I was crazy. Like, “get down from the bed I have been sleeping on all my life? Are you serious?” I can't just forget that gaze till today. I gave Peach out some years ago out but till date, I remember that day and smile.

Ramsey, my Japanese Spitz dog, was another character that I will never forget. He was a cute dog that can easily be underestimated. He has virtually bitten everyone in my former place including neighbors. He loved to dig, and each time I catch him, he runs to hide and each time I point at his digging spot, he will just run away. He always loved to squeeze his head through my armpit each time I attempt to sit close to the flour. He loves to be touched and that can make him so exited that he starts to run around.

He would run back and fought to play. I always shunned him because his play soon results to a bite. He hates to be caged, he will never go back to his cage easily, you must chase him around the place and when he sees that you're not giving up then he will just go into the cage. The funny thing is that he will refuse to respond to your greetings the moment he enters that cage. You call his name and he just looks at you still laying down inside the cage just to show his anger.

Smiggle, a black teenage cat who was later killed by Rex my Caucasian dog. We sourced Smiggle for a client who was my neighbor in the estate I currently live in with my family. The client quickly rejected the cat saying that if he allows the cat into his house, his wife will pack her things and leave him. That was really funny but that was how Smiggle became my cat. I couldn't return her to the people I got her from. I tried to advertize her on whatsApp status to be taken for free but no one indicated interest so she became our cat.

Smiggle loves adventure unlike our previous cat. She would climb anything. She will fall and climb again until she could climb the window. The next she started trying to open the window the way I use to open it. She tried several times until she tore the window nets and would go out. She previously use to sit at the window watching the dogs outside. Rex would bark at her anytime he sees her. The day Rex killed her, I didn't even know she opened the window and went out. I only heard her loud crying and ran out. I saw her laying still in front of Rex. Rex refused to allow me touch her. Rex later chewed her head off her body. I still miss the energy of that cat.


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