Probiotics, a good way to keep your dog healthy

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | October 17th, 2021

It has been proven that probiotics is very beneficial to humans and animals. The conversation is growing everyday. It has also been proven to enhance the well being of humans and animals through the activities of these organisms. Imagine that the stomach and intestines of your dog is filled with micro-organisms that will not harm your dog but help him absorb more nutrients from the food he eats and also out-compete the organisms that makes him sick. This is the principle behind probiotics.

The word probiotics came from two Latin words: “pro” meaning “for” & “bio” meaning “life”. They refer to those living micro organisms that supports the life of other living organisms. These micro-organism have been used in the production of various consumable products like yogurts and some other drinks.

If you look properly at some dog food you buy, you will see that part of the contents of some of them is probiotics. Many dog food manufacturers has realized the benefit of probiotics and have tried to incorporate them in their products. Despite this fact, you still need to take the storage of this kind of dog food seriously.

You can't buy a dog food with probiotics and keep it in the car trunk which generates very high temperature and expect the micro-organisms to still be alive to do the probiotic job. Room temperature is most appropriate for the storage of this kind of dog food. Another thing is to avoid exposure to moisture and air.

You can also give your dog probiotics in other formulations like:

  1. Yogurts (unsweetened)

  2. Probiotic Powders

  3. Chews

  4. Capsules

The last 3 are sold as supplements.

Usually after your dog undergoes antibiotic treatments you should give probiotics to saturate his intestinal lining with beneficial microbes (probiotics) so that he lives a healthier life after treatment. You either buy dog food with probiotics or give in other forms as listed above.


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