Don't starve your puppy for any reason

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | October 10th, 2021

It's a common knowledge that puppies should eat more food per day because they are growing constantly. The feeding regimen is usually 3-4 times daily but some people hate the fact that these puppies poop & pee (defecate & urinate) constantly as a result of feeding. This usually disgust some owners and they decide to starve the puppies or reduce the number of times the puppy is fed, in other to reduce the frequency at which they mess the environment.

A young guy, in his 20s, came to the clinic, early in the morning, with his sick dog, a 5 months Caucasian shepherd dog. He complained that the dog refused to eat for 3 days and has become very weak. As I questioned the guy to obtain more history he later said that he reduced the dog's feeding to once a day because the dog was becoming lazy and messing the environment too much.

I held my breathe for a while to digest the statement. I was imagining how deprived the puppies body systems were for numerous body processes going on fast at that age of the puppy. It was not strange for the dog to fall for any ailment waiting to happen.

Let's breakdown this imagination:

Think of it, the body of that puppy is constantly looking for carbohydrate to make energy for body processes, constantly looking for proteins for building the body, looking for proteins to build antibodies to fight infections that is constantly happening, looking for vitamins to enable body functions to be initiated and perfected among other things.

In the case of puppies, they grow in a matter of months to adult size and food deprivation can result in a great regrettable outcome.

Please, feed your puppies constantly for at least 3-4 times daily to achieve the best result. Stunted growth is not a desirable thing and cannot be reversed when the age of growth has passed. It might be inconveniencing but very important at that stage. You can train your puppy to do his potty some place convenient but don't starve. Thank you.


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