5 things you stand to gain owning a dog

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | October 9th, 2019

Owning a dog can be a complex thing to do and at the same time very rewarding experience. It can be fascinating to have a living thing that can keep you company and also perform other functions friends and family cannot perform for you. It can be said to be expensive to own and maintain a dog due to the associated costs but so many persons will never mind such costs no matter how high it is because they know exactly what they gain keeping them. To some people acquiring the breed of their choice is the biggest challenge and many of them will not mind importing these dogs no matter how challenging or expensive. So what are the benefits of owning and keeping these dogs?


Dogs have been called man’s best friend because they can be loyal and protective of their owners and handlers. These pets can even take bullets for their owners when they are security dogs. You can sleep at night throughout but they wake up at the slightest movement. People take their dogs to morning and evening walks for exercise as a companion because it feels good to know that your own dog is helping you burn some excess fats. Some keep these dogs indoors as pets to play and watch TV together. Some of their gimmicks can be fun to see making them darlings to have around.


It has been proven that dogs are some of the most security-conscious creatures and they do excellently well at it. They can perceive the smell of an intruder from afar including the movement and are alert to any security breaches. They assist law enforcement agencies to track down criminals during a hot chase and sniffing for banned substances. They are more dependable than the security persons. They are better combined with security personnel to achieve excellent security of any environment because they very good team players.


In many countries, some of these dogs are used as shepherds to graze sheep and cattle where they help to fight off wolves and dangerous bears. Dogs like German shepherd dogs and a host of other dogs have a reputation for this ability.

Sense of responsibility

A lot of people are so comfortable that they have nothing else to work for or be responsible for but these pets change the equation and give them that sense of responsibility. Some young people have been taught to become very responsible people from the ownership of animals like dogs. So many young people are almost becoming slaves to mobile phones, televisions and video games that getting dogs for them and holding them responsible for them makes them more responsible. Instead of posting naked photos and pornography on social media they post their pets and try to connect with people that own pets like them making social media useful for them.


So many persons have been given reasons to always be happy because they own dogs. If you know anyone that is suffering from depression or has the tendency to be depressed get the person a dog if they love dogs and you will change the life of that person. Dogs have a way of reading the mind of his owner and attempts to make them happy. I personally benefitted from keeping dogs in this regard because they are constantly happy creatures except when they feel unhealthy. Constant distraction from the state of depression into a meaningful companionship with a dog can be a huge cure for depression. Humans to increase depression on their fellow humans but dogs will rather remove the depression entirely.


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