Can you make a lot of profit from breeding dogs?

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | July 10th, 2019

Breeding dogs is a serious business which you will realize when you become a serious breeder. It’s very easy for a serious breeder to fix high prices for his puppies / dog and still sell off his stock. Seeing a breeder making money from his business can give a hubby dog owner to think that the business is simple and just venture into it and coming up with some names like – Some-name-kennels, Some-name-dog-breeders. These guys crowd Facebook and other social media promoting their new brand and hoping for the best.

Some serious breeders today started this way and soon realize how serious the business can be. Starting the business is one thing and making profit is another. Talking of high profits which will depend on the cost of production using economic measurements. This economic measurement can be very complex due to many factors which include feeding, hygiene, veterinary care, accommodation, market value of the puppies etc.

If you have free accommodation and feeding, your cost of production will be considerably low such that you can earn high profit. Veterinary care should be of basic importance but poor hygiene can increase the veterinary cost and probably lower your profits.

The breed type will have a heavy impact on the profits because the market value of the puppies vary and if you are into a breed with low market value then your profit might decline compared to a breed with higher market value. I owned a pug which was not popular as at the time I got her and 4 years later the puppies increased in market value so I sold my bitch for 250k. I don’t know if I made high profit because the cost I incurred taking care of the dog might be higher than the price I sold her. I needed to get rid of her for some personal reasons so I considered the money to be good.

There are other ways of cutting off the production cost. This is by buying from other breeders to sell with some markup. These third party sellers I believe, make more profit than the breeders sometimes especially when the breeder is not a serious one.

I have met so many persons that make a living breeding dogs and selling from stocks of other breeders and they have families, homes and other good things of life just breeding and selling dogs. They will not give you their secrets except you understand the business. So when you get into the business you will connect with these people and learn a lot from them. It’s an eco-system because them kind of work together sharing ideas to boost their businesses.

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