Caucasian vs Rottweiler - which is more aggressive?

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | January 16th, 2018

People looking for a dog to buy for security always have several questions to ask about the breed they are considering buying. I have been under intense questioning regarding the behavior of many breeds of dogs like the German shepherd dog, Rottweilers and Caucasians mostly, rarely about other breeds.

Aggression in dogs can be classified into many behavioral areas which includes barking and showing aggression, biting and inflicting wounds on victims, being able to refuse a stranger vehemently, chasing intruders away etc.

I have been asked to describe a Caucasian compared to Rottweilers in terms of aggression and being able to perform security task. The truth is that before you compare both you need to know if the dogs will be guided or left on their own to perform.

I once wrote (in this article) about a Caucasian dog that chased his owner into the house (he was lucky to have escaped being bitten by the dog). The dog perceived him as a stranger because the man never came near him since he was acquired. I have gotten some serious rejection from some Caucasian dogs during the cause of my job as a vet also. Some get to like me later and some never did.

A funny incident happened with a Senator’s dog –a Rottweiler – who is so massive and aggressive that when he is opened at night you are advised to resist going outdoors. The dog only obeys the cook who feeds him. One night the security guy at the gate came out to urinate and the toilet was a separate building from his room. He was lucky that the dog was not near his door towards the toilet. He quickly ran into the toilet because he was very pressed only for the dog to notice some movement and came towards the gate. The dog probably heard the door to the toilet close and started to sniff the door and subsequently sat facing the door waiting for the guy to come out. To cut the long story short the guy ended up sleeping in the toilet till dawn.

I have received several calls from clients concerning dog bite involving a relation who came visiting them and got bitten by their dog somehow and also heard stories surrounding those incidents and other varied cases so that will form my basis for comparing the two breeds of dogs.

I must first emphasize that dogs of either breeds that is scarcely socialized will certainly be unpredictable in terms of aggression either to strangers or owners and handlers.

Caucasians dogs from my experience will be classified as “promise and deliver with some restrain”. If an aggressive Caucasian that is locked up barks at you nonstop for more than 5 minutes, when he is released will definitely chase and bite you. They might listen to their owners or handlers to stop after the first bite but certainly deaf before that. If the case is a Rottweiler that barked more than 5 minutes and released, he will chase and bite and may not stop without a physical intervention by the handler. He might be totally deaf to his name.

Caucasians like other dogs love to use their weight as advantage. If you have a Caucasian and a Rottweiler both males that grew together from puppy the tendency is that the bigger among them will try to dominate the other to become the pack leader. In this case I will describe the Rottweiler as the determined male and the Caucasian as a trouble maker. Caucasians will certainly bark more than the Rottweiler and might attack the Rottweiler if he attempts to bark first. Sorry, if this happens to your dogs the fight may not end quickly because Rottweilers are very determined dogs while the Caucasians are more of the extroverts that wants all the attentions to himself.

Rottweilers may prefer to lay ambush to an intruder while the Caucasian will readily announce his presence even before a stranger or an intruder gets close by continuously barking as a sign of warning.

In terms of aggression to family members who may not be well socialize to them but who they see around the house often. Rottweilers will tolerate the person touching him or getting close to him but when he decides he doesn’t want more please leave him alone or you might get a bite. In the case of Caucasians when they are puppies they will allow you touch them and play but when grown they might allow you around them but when you attempt to touch them, they might issue you some warning by growling at you and if you move further you do that at your risk.

Of course the both dogs share similarities like love for family or the household and defense against intruders in general. When properly socialized they can be perfect pet and security for the entire household. I just have to stop here. If you have more comparism please continue the conversation at the comment section. Thank you.

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