Cirneco dell’ Etna



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Breed Description


Cirneco dell Etna is a medium sized dog, active, intelligent, friendly and loyal to its handler. They this elegant and slender body conformation.

Country of Origin:

Sicily, Italy

Size type:

Medium dog breeds


This is a friendly, affectionate, active dog which is intelligent and very loyal to its handler and the family and is also vigilant. The majority of this breed likes to be heard and also demands plenty of attention.

Breed Group:

Hound dog breeds (UKC)


Dogs 46-50cm (18 ½ - 19 ½ in), bitches 41-46cm (16 ½ -18 ½ in).


Female: 8–10 kg
Male: 10–12 kg


This breed tends to be rather reserved with other dogs but generally gets on well with its own breed.

There will be no problems with your own cat but strange cats will be chased. They are loving and patient with children. They mark the arrival of strangers but that is all.


The Sicilian dog has a short-haired coat. All shades of red are permissible and one white marking is accepted, although this is fairly rare.


This breed’s coat does not require much attention. The sheen on the coat can be kept in good condition by occasionally running a rubber glove over it. Check at frequent intervals that the ear passages are clean and keep the claws short.


The Cirneco Dell’ Etna is a relatively easy dog to train but the handler needs to be very consistent.

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