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Dalmatian Puppies for Sale

Breed Description


The first feature to notice with Dalmatians is their white coat with black spots which is a major characteristic of the breed. They were said to have originated in Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast. In Britain Dalmatians were use as carriage guard dogs that it can perhaps be recognized as a British breed. In America, its affinity with horses and carriages earned it a place with the horse-drawn fire engines, and it became known as the Firehouse Dog.

Country of origin:


Size type:

Large dog breeds


This is a high-spirited dog with lots of stamina that is friendly, affectionate, intelligent, vigilant, curious, equable and sociable.


Breed group:

Non-sporting dog breeds


56-61cm for dogs and 54-59cm for bitches.


27-32kg for dogs and 24-29kg for bitches.


These are excellent playmates for children, although they can be too boisterous for smaller children. With other dogs and household pets, there is also generally no difficulty. With visitors, they either act very vigilantly or rather half-heartedly, depending on the character of the individual dog.



The coat is always short-haired. The most attractive coats do not have the spots overlapping each other.

The ideal size for the spots is a diameter of 2-3cm (1/2 -1 ½ in). there are white with black spotted Dalmatians and the ones with the liver-coloured spots.



The Dalmatian sheds very little hair in your home. Remove loose hairs daily by grooming with rubber glove during moulting.



This is not a difficult dog to train. Praise excessively when it does something well and it will quickly understand your intentions. They can turn a deaf ear to commands they do not like. In such cases hold your ground and do not soften

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