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Breed Description

Swiss Hunting Dogs:

This category includes dogs such as the Niederlaufhund and Laufhund. There are eight types in all: the Berner, the Luzerner, Scheizer, and Jura Niederlaufhunds; and the same group of Laufhunds. The Jura is often known in English as a Jura Hound.

The difference between the two groups is their size. In every other respect, they are identical. The Niederlaufhunds have a shoulder-height of 33-41cm (13-16 ½ in) with an ideal height of 36-38cm (14 ½ -15in).

The Laufhunds have a shoulder-height greater than 40cm (15 ½ in). in addition, they have different colours. Berner is white with black, the Jura is either light brown or brown with a black saddle, the Luzerner is blue or mottled grey, and the Schweizer is white or yellowish-brown. These Swiss hounds are specially bred as pack of dogs for hunting wild game. When they find the trace of a wild game, they give chase, baying as they go so that the hunters can know where they are.

Generally speaking such dogs make fine household pets provided you involve them in some activity, such as drag-hunting or other activity which fulfills their natural instincts. In Switzerland the Jura and Luzerner Hounds are often kept as single dogs for such activities.

All of the dogs in these breeds like the company of other dogs and can be difficult if on their own.