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Breed Description


Bloodhounds are primarily tracking dogs that are resistant to cold, love to live in packs and can do well in a kennel. They are gentle, affectionate and have reserves of energy. They don’t require much grooming. They will welcome both wanted and unwanted visitors.


Country of Origin:



Size type:

Large and big dog breeds



The dogs of this breed are gentle natured and affectionate, boisterous when young, friendly, tenacious, and independent, do not keep barking but have a very loud bark, and they possess a very good scenting nose. Once there interest is aroused about something, it is very difficult to get their attention for something else.


Breed Group:

Hound dog breeds (AKC)


63-69cm for dogs and 58-63cm for bitches


41-50kg for dogs and 36-45kg for bitches


The Bloodhound usually gets on well with children. Make sure they do not  pester the dog because these dogs are so good natured that they will lie there and meekly let children clamber all over it.

Both wanted and unwanted guests will be greeted as if the Bloodhound thinks “the more the merrier.” They can live in harmony with other dogs and household pets.



The Bloodhound has a short smooth-haired coat. The most usual colours are black and red, liver and red, and plain red. A small amount of white on the chest, feet, and tip of the nail is permissible.



There is little to the grooming of a Bloodhound. Brush them from time to time to remove loose and dead hairs. More attention is necessary for the ears. Check them for dirt to prevent infections and it does no harm to wash them (for example after the ears dropped in the feeding bowl). The majority of this breed has drooping-eyelids. If necessary administer eye-drops containing vitamin A.



The new owner of a Bloodhound will need to have plenty of patience and to possess tact for training to succeed. The most important consideration is to be consistent-they know full well how successful they can get around you with a pathetic look and make use of it to get their own way.

Do not expect too much by way of obedience from this dog-they are naturally gentle-natured animals that have minds of their own rather than following your orders. Do not over tire them with long walks, for example until fully grown.

The Bloodhound is a big dog that grows rapidly and needs all its energy for developing strong bones, joints and muscle.


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