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Breed Description


The Basset Hound playful contented dogs which require little grooming and can cope on their own. They originated from England and have all the characteristics you would expect from a hound. They are good with kids and love to live in packs.


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Size type:

Medium Dog Breeds



 The Basset Hound has a mind of its own but is lovable, sociable, calm, playful and patient, it enjoys companionship, has a sense of humour and a real personality which is influenced positively by its handler. They have a very good scenting nose.


Breed Group:

Hounds dog breeds (AKC)




25-34kg for dogs and 20-29kg for bitches


These dogs make superb playmates for children and fortunately get along fine with their own kind and with other animals. They are friendly towards strangers but if they sense danger, you will definitely hear their loud barking.

They do not like to be left on their own. If you know that it will be necessary to leave it alone quite often, it is far better to have two Basset Hounds.



Bassets have a dense short-haired coat which is smooth. The most usual colour combination is brown, black, and white. Other colours include red and white but almost any hound colouring is permissible.



There is little to the grooming of a Basset Hound. Remove dead and loose hairs during moulting with a rubber glove. Keep the ears clean by attending to them about once a week inside out. Keep their claws short and when necessary clean the folds of their skin.

Do not give Bassets too many little tit-bits because they have a tendency to become fat. For dogs with drooping eye-lids it is advisable to apply eye-drops occasionally. They grow very rapidly when young and you must ensure they have a good nutritious ample diet during this period.



These dogs have a mind of their own so they do not exactly jump to your command. A consistent approach with much patience can work wonders though. Never exhaust a young Basset by taking it on too long a walk. Young dogs need all their energy to develop a strong body.



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