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Breed Description


Basset Artesien Normand is a small sized hound which originates from France. They can be very friendly and gentle with good sense of scenting. They get alone with other dogs due to their nature of staying in packs.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Small dog breeds


This is a sociable, companionable and friendly dog which is gentle-natured, independent and possesses a good scenting nose.

The Basset Artesien Normand has a deep bark which it lets be heard from time to time. This is usually not a problem if they are kept indoors.

Breed Group:

Hound dog breeds (AKC)


The shoulder-height is 30-36cm (11 ½ in) for both dogs and bitches.


15–20 kg (33–44 lb)


In France these dogs live in packs so they can happily get along with other dogs. Provided they have early social training with cats and other animals, they will get along with these too.

However loudly visitors are announced, they can still count on a warm welcome.


The short-haired coat is dense. Only three colored examples or one with a white and orange coat are permitted. White feet are preferred.


Rub a rubber brush over the dog occasionally to remove loose hairs. Keep the ears clean using a recognized band of ear cleaner for this purpose-never cotton buds which might push any dirt further into the ear. Keep the claws short by filing them whenever necessary.

Take this Basset regularly for longish walks but take care: if it comes across the scent of wild animals, it will be off-in common with most of the dogs in this group.

Should this happen, lay an item of clothing or other item bearing your scent where the dog disappeared. The odds are that you will find it at this spot within a few hours or not later than the next morning.


Even though this Basset has a mind of its own, they can be well trained with patience, love, and perseverance. Make sure you are consistent with them.

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