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Breed Description


The Dachshund is a small breed of dog originating from Germany but rarely used there. They have characteristic short limbs and long ears and also come with other varieties. They can be very domineering with some sense of humor.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Small dog breeds


The Dachshund is brave, dominant, has a mind of its own, is cunning, vigilant, resourceful, lively, is tenacious and curious, and has a sense of humor. The smooth-haired almost literarily attaches itself to its own people, except when the hunting instinct rears its head. 

Breed Group:

Hound dog breeds (AKC)


Dachshunds are divided into three sizes groups. The largest are the standards with a chest girth upwards from 35cm (13 ½ in).


The standard should have a maximum weight of 9kg (20lb).


The family comes first with a Dachshund and they have little time for strangers. This is shown by a rather reserved manner to people the dog does not know.

If they are introduced early to children so that they have positive experiences with them, the smooth-haired will not cause any problem with children.

They usually get on reasonably well with other dogs, although some of them can be somewhat over-courageous in their approach to larger dogs. Because of its passion for hunting, this breed is not a suitable playmate for other small household animals. Let it have happy meetings with cats when young to prevent later problems.        


The coat consists of short smooth-hairs and is most frequently reddish-brown or black and tan but occasionally chocolate brown and dogs with almost tiger-like markings.  


The coat of the smooth-haired Dachshund needs little attention. It is sufficient to remove dead and loose hairs with a rubber brush from time to time. Keep the ear [passages clean and the claws short. Most Dachshunds are dainty feeders but take care not to give them too much to eat because a fat Dachshund is an unhealthy one.


The Smooth-haired is dominant and has a mind of its own as already noted above. Hence it has to be consistently trained. With the right approach and much patience it is possible to teach him quite a bit, though it will never slavishly follow your commands.

Dachshunds can sulk terribly if they feel they have been unfairly punished and they are very determined when they want something which you do not agree with. It is a sensitive move to take a Dachshund to a good puppy training course.

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