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Breed Description


Swedish Lapphund is a medium sized dog previously used for grazing and defends Samos people. They are one of the oldest varieties and have been identified as the ancient Asian small sight hounds as long history. They are very friendly and sociable, making them very good with children.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium dog breeds


This is an intelligent, sociable and friendly dog which is similar in nature with the Finnish Lapphund, meaning it loves children, is very tolerant of them, and is keen to learn, affectionate, and not squeamish about pain.

Breed Group:

NorthernBreed (UKC)


The ideal shoulder height is 48cm (18 ½ in) for dogs and 43cm (17in) for bitches. A difference of 3cm (1 ½ in) is permitted.


Female: 19–21 kg
Male: 19–21 kg


A Swedish Lapphund from good breeding lines get on well with other dogs and as already mentioned is very tolerant of children. You will be warned of strangers but that is all because this dog is friendly with everyone.


The Swedish Lapphund has a thivk woolly topcoat, the hairs of which should be erect, and a dense curly undercoat of fine hairs.

The colors are brown, black, and a combination of the two. For the show ring, plain colors are preferred. White markings occur in some dogs but are considered as a fault.


During moulting when the hairs begin to fall out of the thick undercoat, the best way to deal with them is to use one of the special combs designed for grooming German Shepherds.


This dog learns quickly and easily, so that you can consider involving both of you in agility skills and obedience training or perhaps fly-ball. Handled properly, this breed can compete at highest levels.

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