Norwegian Buhund



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Breed Description


Norwegian Buhund is a medium sized dog with a typical Spitz looks, erect ears with curled tail. They are very cheerful and active, barks at any opportunity and very vigilant.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium dog breeds


This dog is vigilant, cheerful, active and untiring, intelligent, attentive and affectionate. It also likes to bark. Norwegian Buhunds are normally quite indoors.

Breed Group:

Herding breeds (AKC)


The shoulder height is 43-47cm (17-18 ½ in) for dogs and 41-45cm (16 ½ -17 ½ in) for bitches.


The weight is 14-18kg (31-39 ½ lb) for dogs and 12-16kg (26 ½ -35 ½ lb) for bitches.


They are generally very good with children and get on fine with other dogs and animals of the household. It will pervasively warn you of any strange visitors but that is all-it is no defender.


The Buhund has a soft, woollt thick undercoat with an abundant thick topcoat. The color should be wheaten or biscuit, although black with a little white is also known.


It is not difficult to keep the coat in good condition. Loose hairs can be removed from the undercoat during moulting with a wooden comb that has a double row of metal teeth.

The Norwegian Buhund is an energetic dog with considerable stamina. One of its favorite pastimes is retrieving objects. Let it run free off the lead regularly without fear of it running away-its shepherding instincts will prevent it from roaming. It will follow you perfectly on a cycle.


The Norwegian Buhund likes to be taught, is intelligent, and also learns very quickly. It requires a firm hand in training which should be as varied in nature as possible to retain is interest. They like to be busy, enjoy retrieving, and with the right approach to training can shine in various dog sports.

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