Norwegian Elkhound



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Breed Description


The Elkhound hails from Norway where they hunt the elk, known as the moose in the US. This breed was expected to be nimble, quick and courageous whether being used for hunt or as household companion and they fulfill this expectations.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium dog breeds


The Elkhound is tough on itself, straight forward, equable, friendly, and gentle-natured. However quiet it may be indoors, it will be a bundle of energy outside.

Breed Group:

Hound dog breeds


19-21 in (49–52 cm).


48-55 lbs (22–25 kg).


The Norwegian Elkhound is somewhat reserved with strangers but will greet family friends it knows with enthusiasm. They can be dominant towards their own kind but this is rather the exception than the rule.

They usually get on well with each other and reasonably well with children too provided they do not pester the dogs. They will announce the presence of visitors but that is all.


The Elkhound has a thick, woolly, cream-coloured under coat and a hard, dense, and longer outer coat. This outer coat comes in various shades of grey, with black barkings behind the ears and around the muzzle. There are also black Elkhounds, which are recognized as a separate breed. The black Elkhounds are permitted to have white markings.


The coat of an Elkhound requires little grooming. An ideal way to remove loose hairs during moulting is to use a wooden comb with a double row of metal teeth. In common with other Arctic dogs, they do not have the usual smell of dog hair. The coat is both water- and dirt- resistant.


Like other Arctic dogs, the Norwegian Elkhound has a mind of its own and is fairly independent. It is important to be firm with them but show them your affection as well and make sure you are fair with them. You can upset this dog for a long time by punishing it unfairly- and it will let you know how it feels.

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