Norwegian Lundehund



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Breed Description


Lundehunds also known as Norwegian Lundehund are very alert and protective dogs, cheerful, mischievous, intelligent and cunning and rarely barks.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Small dog breeds


Lundehunds have a mind of their own and a sense of humor, they are cheerful, mischievous, intelligent and cunning, and also dominant. They rarely bark.

Breed Group:

Non-Sporting dog breeds


The shoulder-height is about 35-38cm (13 ½ -15in) for dogs and 32-35cm (12 ½ -13 ½ in) for bitches.


Dogs should weigh about 7kg (15 ½ lb) and bitches 6kg (13 ½ lb).


Lundehunds are very alert, very energetic, loyal to their owners and protective. They can be suspicious of strangers but never aggressive toward people. 



The Lundehund has a short coat of reddish brown to drab red hairs which have slightly black tips. There is a soft under-coat.


The coat of this breed does not require much attention. During the moult it is best to remove the loose hairs with a strong comb.

They do however need special care with their diet because they lack an enzyme that is necessary for the digestion of food. Seek specialist advice.

This breed does not require much exercise. It is sufficient to keep it physically fit to take it for a walk three times a day together with some play in the garden.


The training needs to have as much variety as possible. Repeating the same exercise will bore this dog and causes the undermining of your authority. Make sure that you are always consistent with it.

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