Dutch Smoushond



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Breed Description


Dutch Smoushond is a terrier looking breed with long wiry hair coat. They originate from the Netherlands. They get on well with children, family cat, and their own kind. They can serve as companion dog due to their dependent nature.

Country of Origin:

The Netherlands

Size type:

Small Dog Breeds


Dutch Smoushonds are friendly, engaging, cunning, and intelligent dogs with considerable adaptability and are dependent, sober, sensitive, companionable, alert, and have a sense of humor.

Breed Group:

Terrier dog breeds (UKC)


The shoulder height is 37-42cm (14½-16½in) for dogs and 35-40cm (13½-15½in) for bitches.


They weigh about 10kg (221b).


They get on well with children and happily accept the family cat. Most Dutch Smoushonds get on well with their own kind.


The coat of the Dutch smoushond is rugged, coarse, and wiry. The color is straw yellow.


Depending upon the quality of the coat, the Dutch Smoushond generally required the hairs to be plucked by hand about twice a year, leaving the hair on the head alone so far as possible.


The Dutch Smoushond is an intelligent dog which is eager to do things for you. The training is therefore quite easy. It is important, though, to insecure that you are consistent  towards them because some can assert themselves if they get an idea that their handler is rather easy-going.

This breed is untiring and enjoy long walks, and  swimming. Decide to enroll it for its agility skill or fly-ball courses because it is ideal for both and will enjoy the activity enormously.  When a week occasionally passes without a good walk the Dutch smoushond will accept it without difficulty.

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