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Breed Description


Dogue de Bordeax also called French Mastiff is a very muscular and well-built dog with a very amiable disposition. This breed rarely barks but dominant to other dogs. Dogue de Bordeax is friendly, very brave, attentive, curious and bonds with his handler over time.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Large dog breeds


An equable, calm dog which rarely barks and is friendly, attentive, curious, very brave, demanding  physically of itself, this dog bound closely with its handler and family. The Bordeaux will protect the family and guard the house and grounds.

Breed Group:

Working dog breeds (AKC)
Guardian Dogs (UKC)


The shoulder height is 60-70cm (23½-27½in) for dogs.

The shoulder height is 58-66cm (22½-26in) for bitches.


Male: 54.4–65.2 kg
Female: 54.4–65.2 kg


When the Bordeaux has had lots of positive experiences in its youth, enabling it to develop as an equable dog, its behavior with other pet will probably be fine. They are usually kindly and protective with children. Visitors are initially eyed mistrustfully but once its handler signifies approval, they are accepted. This breed can be rather dominant towards other dogs.    


The coat consists of soft short hair of mahogany red, or red-brown, with a red or black face. White markings are considered unacceptable.



Brush the coat regularly during moulting with a rubber brush to remove dead and loose hairs. if necessary, clean the folds in the face.                                                                                                                                         In common with other large dogs, the Dogue de Bordeaux grows quickly and need all its energy to build a healthy body. Do not allow a young dog to tire itself and ensure it gets ample food of sufficient nourishment.     


Give the Bordeaux a consistent training in a fair and calm manner. This dog becomes very attached to, and wants to please its handler. Make a fuss of the dog and let it see you are pleas when it behaves well, and do speak encouragingly to it. This dog required a handler who naturally has command over it.       

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