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Breed Description


Landseers are giant dogs with a characteristic white and black coat color which originated from Canada and also said to have also come from Europe. These docile and sociable dogs with amiable nature rarely bark.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Giant Dog Breeds


The Landseer is an amiable, soft-natured, straight forward, affectionate, docile, sociable, self-aware and equable dog which is friendly towards people and animals, and is a keen swimmer. It will protect the member of the family and the house and garden if necessary. The Landseer rarely barks. 


Breed Group:

Guard dogs


The shoulder height is 72-80cm (28½-31½in) for dogs and 67-72cm (26½-28½) for bitches.


Female: 45–54 kg
Male: 59–68 kg


The Landseer is a fine family dog, which will live in harmony with other dogs and household pets. Children often receive special attention from them (in a positive sense). Visitors who have no evil intention will be treated in a friendly manner


The under-layer of the coat is soft; the outer coat is long, thick, and without curls. The color is white with black patches, and a black head with white blaze is much preferred. For showing, it is preferable not to have black spots on the coat.


Regular brushing and combing is sufficient, specifically paying attention to the place where tangle are likely to occur, such as between the hind and front legs. Keep the ear passages clean and snip away excessive hair between the pads of the feet. The Landseer, in common with other big dogs, grows fairly quickly and needs high quality nutrition. Adapt exercise this phase to prevent overworking a growing body.


Normally this breed is not difficult to train. Teach the young dog to walk to heel and not to pull on the lead, because when fully grown they are much too strong to control.  


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