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Breed Description


Kuvasz has a characteristic hair distribution but mainly short haired, the face is usually smooth with a very hairy neck side from the ear down the whole body. This dog is dominant in nature and not recommended for beginners. They need to be with very confident owner.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Giant dog breed


A good watchdog, which is intelligent, barks only when necessary, very independent brave, dominant, honest, well balanced, determined and loyal to the family. The kuvasz is affectionate but not dependent.


Breed Group:

Working dog breed


The shoulder height is 71-75cm (28-29½in) for dogs and 66-70cm (26-27½in)for bitches.


Dogs weight 40-52kg (88-114½1b) while bitches are somewhat lighter.


The kuvasz can be rather dominant  towards its own kind but if is properly socialized with other animals when young there will normally be no problem with it toward these animals its threshold and satiable nature make it tolerant with children but gives its independent initiative and large size.



The hair is short on the head and the front of the legs; on the rest of the body the hair is longer. The texture is course and the hair is wavy, with a soft undercoat. The coat is always plain white.



The kuvasz has a very thick coat which protects it from all kinds of weather. During moulting this breed loses significant volumes of hair. It is therefore sensible to brush the kuvasz thoroughly and regularly and especially during moulting.


This breed required a balanced and consistent training and upbringing.  The kuvasz is no breed for beginners; the owner needs to be with a confident person. This also means that a severe hand cannot be used in its training. This dog will learn best in a harmonious environment which provides scope for its own initiative.

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