Hungarian Pumi



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Breed Description


Hungarian Pumi is specifically a herding dog breed and such activity should be given to it or a replacement of such level of activity is recommended. This intelligent dog may not like being pestered by children. The hairs show tufts when short and tangled when long.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium sized dog


Attentive, alert, likes to bark, dapper, energetic, temperamental, intelligent, learns readily and sober.

Breed Group:

Herding dog breed


The desires shoulder height is 35-44cm (13½-17½in).


Female: 8–13 kg
Male: 10–15 kg


The pumi can be shy and rather mistrustful of strangers. There are breeds that are better for families with children but a well brought up pumi will cause no problem with children provided they do not pester it.


The coat consists of medium length hair in tufts in some place the hairs are shorter and rougher in other are longer and tangled. The coat has a rather unkempt look about it the most common colors are slate-grey and other tints of grey, black and white also exist but patches are not permissible.


The pumi required relatively little grooming. Brush the coat right through about once a week and remove excessive hair from inside the ears. For showing the pumi is specially prepared. This is an outdoor dog and at its best living on a farm where it will find work enough to do for himself such as guarding the entrance and keeping the livestock together if it is to live in an urban environment then you must find replacement activities to keep it occupied they do well in both fly ball and agility skills classes.


This is not a difficult bred to train they are intelligent enough to grasp what you mean quickly if you live surrounding by neighbors, it is sensible to teach the dogs that after a couple of barks it must be quiet.

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