Hungarian Puli



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Breed Description


The Hungarian Puli or Puli as they are popularly called has a characteristic hair coat which is felted. They can be very attached to their owners. Playing with Puli can be a delightful sight to behold with the felted hair dangling around.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium size dog


This intelligent dogs learns easily is full of character animated, a good watchdog and loyal to the family. This breed is very adaptable to the circumstances surrounding it although the dog can be somewhat independent - a puli will rarely run away.

Breed Group:

Herding dog breed


The desired shoulder height is 40- 44cm (15½-17½in) for dogs and 37-41cm (14½-16½in) for bitches.


The weight is 10-15kg (22-331b).


They normally get on well with their own kind other animals and generally like children. They have the tendency to bond closely with one member of the family.


The coat of the puli is its trademark; these dogs are richly covered in long cords of felted hair. The puli is usually black but white broken with black with apricot are also known.


The puli’s distinctive coat does not fully develop until the third year.  The soft under layer does not fall out becomes felt on the outer and harder hairs if required the felted strands are strands are teased to encourage the development of the felt strands or cored. An advantage of this coat is that the puli does not moult but there is the disadvantages that all manner of dirty and small objects can become caught up in the hair. Wash the puli on the summer because the long coat will take sever days to dry fully.


This breed required a very consistent approach to training which needs to take place within the first year they do not like boring drills preferring a challenge. This breed is in its element if it can romp and play and with its unusual coat this is delightful to watch. If you enjoy it you could enroll both of you for agility skills or fly ball course. The Hungarian puli usually does well in both activities.


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