Dutch Shepherd Dog



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Breed Description


The Dutch shepherd is used for herding and are very obedient, affectionate especially to his owners and people properly socialized to him. This dog is good with agility test and police trials.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Large dog breeds


This affectionate dog is eager to learn, intelligent and obedient, sober, very loyal to its handler and family, incorruptible active and alert.  


Breed Group:

Herding dog breeds


The shoulder height is 57-62cm (22½-24½ in) for dogs and 55-60cm (21½-23½in) for bitches.


Male: 29.5–30.5 kg
Female: 29.5–30.5 kg


Dutch shepherd enjoy the company of their own kind and get along fine with other animals provided children allow the dog to have peace. They can also make good play mates for children unwanted visitors are halted in their tracks while know family friends will be greeted enthusiastically.


There are three different type of coat for the Dutch shepherd shorthaired (silver and gold steaks), rough haired (blue- grey pepper and salt colored or (silver and gold streaked) and long hair (silver and gold streaked) with all varieties dogs for the show ring should not display too much with on their chest and feet.


Both short and long haired coat required regular grooming with brush and comb to remove dead and loose hairs. The rough haired coat should never be brushed although combing is fine but in moderation.  otherwise the coat suffers always use a coarse comb have the coat plucked by a dog salon twice a year the hair can be clipped in a few placed as a finishing touch  and the excessive hair in the ears should be removed. it is good for this breed to let them regularly run beside the cycle or take it to the woods or open countryside where it can run to its heart content because Dutch shepherd want it is advisable to drill them at least twice per week to keep them both physically and mentally fit.   



Dutch shepherd are happy to be all round dogs. They can and will learn new commands quickly in certain branches of sport such as a guilty, fly ball, obedience competitions they can eclipse their rivals. The short hair type is the most usual sort for defense police dog trials.

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