Australian Cattle Dog



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Breed Description


Australian Cattle dog is a sturdy, compact working dog that needs plenty of exercise to keep it in good condition. They tend to be more suspicious of strangers, but is loyal and protective companion to those it knows.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium Dog Breeds


The Australian cattle dogs is very intelligent and willing to work, well balanced, barks little, is royal to its handler brave, hardy alert optimistic and active.


Breed Group:

Herding dog breeds


The shoulder height is 46-51cm (18-20in) for dogs and 43- 48 (17-18½in) for bitches


Male: 15–16 kg
Female: 14–16 kg


This breed behavior towards its own kind other pets and children is a perfect example for other dogs this model behavior can only be achieved if the dogs is adequately socialized when very young.



The outer layer of the coat is weather resistant short and fairly brought the under layer is short and thick two color  are permitted the also blue by which and without black and blue with tan markings the other color is described as speckled red which may include dark speckled red markings on the head.



The coat of the Australian cattle dog does not required much attention an occasional grooming with brush or comb is sufficient. This breed needs lot of exercise and plenty to occupy it to keep it in good physical and mental health and in top condition.


The Australian cattle dogs is a very intelligent dogs which is eager to learn and ready to work, training it is therefore easy. You will be unfair to it if you do not work with if agility skill trials are an ideal activity the dog will equally enjoy fly ball or other sports provided you keep it intensively active it will not disappoint you. 


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