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Breed Description


Briard is a strong and substantially built dog, fitted for field work, lithe, muscular, well proportioned, alert, and active. They come from one of several ancient sheepdog breeds which probably reached Europe with the Mongol invaders and developed different and localized breeds.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Large Dog Breeds


The Briard is intelligent and prepared to work tough, brave, alert, loyal, slightly dominant, and totally unsuitable for a life in kennel. The Briard has no sense of humor so do not pester it.

Breed Group:

Herding dog breeds


The shoulder height is 62-68cm (24½-26½ in) for dogs and 56-64cm(22-25½ in)for bitches.


Female: 22.7–34 kg
Male: 27.2–40.8 kg


with the right handler the Briard blossoms as a first class pet who can happily coexist with other pets they can be slightly aggressive towards others dog’s strangers are viewed with suspicion.   


The Briard has a long wavy coat of rather dry hair and a light undercoat. All plain colors are permitted with the exception of white and chestnut the most usual colors are black and fawn.


Briards required regular grooming with brush and comb  once a week. The inside of the ears must be kept clean and any excessive hair in the ears should also be removed. This is equally true of the excessive hair which grows between the pads of their feet. This breed needs reasonable amounts of exercise this could be a country walk but shimming and running alongside a cycle are also excellent forms of exercise for them they are ideally suited to defense dogs/police dog trials.



Training of the Briard must be consistent with much patience and love combined with a firm hand sever unjust training will have the same result as none at all with poor handling and training. The briard becomes withdrawn and even aggressive, they are happiest in the home as part of the family.

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