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Breed Description


Boovier des flandres is one of a small group of Flemish drovers’ dogs used partly for herding cattle and partly as guards. The dog comes with rough hair coat with dry texture, compactly bodied, powerfully built dog of upstanding carriage and alert.

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Size type:

Large Dog Breeds


The bouvier des Flanders is very loyal bounds with both its handler and family this alert brave hardy equable and intelligent dogs enjoys working and is sensible.

Breed Group:

Herding dog breeds


The shoulder height is 62- 68cm (24½-26½in) for dog and 59-65cm (23½-25½in) for bitches the ideal shoulder height is 65cm (25½in) for dogs and 62cm (24½in) for bitches.  


Female: 27–35 kg
Male: 35–40 kg


Bouviers are generally sociable animals and provided they have been well socialized with cats when young they get on well with other pets and their own kind. Children and bouvier generally form a good combination they regard strangers with suspicion and are very protective for the family their loyalty is world famous.


The rough haired coat is dry textured without a sheen the hair which may not be too long has light whirls but is not curly permitted colors are dun or grey streaked or highlighted plain black is not favored for showing but is permissible blonde bouviers are not considered acceptable.



A bouvier needs to be trimmed at least three times a year between trims remove any excess of hair inside the ears and trim hair between the pads of the feet. This dog has an average demand for exercise take it regularly for long walk or let it run beside you on a cycle as a good of exercise during the growing stage exercise needs to be carefully regulated to that growing bones joints and muscle are not to strenuously stressed the dog requires all its energy to build a strong frame.



The bouvier requires well balanced training which remains consistent in nature it is important to make the dogs aware without being too hard with it that you are and will remain the boss.

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