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Breed Description


The Bergamasco is a children friendly breed, intelligent and extremely eager to work. They can be protective of their owners and their children. They have a characteristic felt hair which might need good management from time to time.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium-sized Dog Breed


The Bergamasco is intelligent and extremely eager to work, independent, well balanced and calm brave and alert friendly and bound very closely with its human family.

Breed Group:

Herding Dog Breed


Male: 60cm (23½in).

Female: 56cm (22½in).


Male: 32-38kg (70½-83½1b).

Female: 26-32kg (57-70½1b)


Provided they have been correctly socialized Bergamascos get on well with other pets. This breed is generally fine with children in deed it has a tendency to protect them against being pestered by other children. They make first class guard dogs and an extremely unpleasant surprise for anyone who should break into your house they rather reserved with those whom they do not know.


The Bergamasco has a thick under layer to its coat and has a tendency for the outer layer to become felt like the hair on the head and shoulder is free from this problem the coat is plain grey or speckled grey plain black or grayish yellow with fawn markings white markings are permissible provided they do not represent more than 20 per cent of the area of the coat.



During its first year merely comb the Bergamasco thereafter, the coat will start to felt up and to prevent this you will need to pluck bunches of about 3cm (1½in) diameter out by hand the hair on the head must be combed a bath now and then dose no harm but it is best given on the summer since it can take more than a day for the coat to dry.   


Bergamasco is not a difficult breed to during up and to train socialize them well when they are young and remain consistent and clear in your dealing with them.

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