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Breed Description


Beauceron, stubborn as it may appear has close affinity to its owner and good with other dogs and animal if well socialized with them. It is also a clever, alert and loyal dog with great stamina. The Beauceron is also known as Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Large Dog Breed


The dogs’ is clever, attentive, active intelligent, and sometimes stubborn, and loyal to its owner and the family. It has considerable stamina and is very watchful.

Breed Group:

Herding Dog Breed


The shoulder-height is 65-70cm (25-27 in) for dogs and 63-68cm (25-27 in) for bitches.


The weight can vary from 30 to 40 kg (66 to 88 1b).


A Beauceron that has been well socialized and brought up gets on fine with children, and that also ensures that other dogs and pets will present no problems. For exercise, this breed is not satisfied with a circuit of the block three-times-a day. Take it for regular long walk during which it can run free off the lead and play.  If both of you enjoy it, enroll it for a course to train for fly-ball or to compete in agility skill classes. Although in competition it is likely to be less successful than other more suitable breeds.


The short, tough, and smooth coat has both a dense and soft undercoat there are two recognized colors black with brand marks and black-grey brindle. The latter colour is fairly rare.


The coat of the Beauceron does not require a great deal of attention. An occasional grooming with more attention during the moult is sufficient.


A consistence and loving upbringing with plenty of exercise and ample contact with its owner are indispensable for the well balanced development of a young Beauceron.  if it is denied this then is can become neurotic or aggressive. Let it make it acquaintances as a puppy in a positive way with different people, animals, things, and situations.

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