Bearded Collie



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Breed Description


The Bearded collie, from the collie family is highly spirited, cheerful and clever breed of dog that originated from Scotland. They look bigger than most toy dog but belong indoors not in a kennel outside the house.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium Dog Breed


This is a high spirited, cheerful and clever dog that is eager to learn, lovable gentle, sociable and companionable, extremely independent, active.      A bearded collie belongs to the family and is not a suitable dog to banish outdoor to a kennel.

Breed Group:

Herding dog breed


Female: 20–21 inches (51–53 cm)
Male: 21–22 inches (53–56 cm)


Female: 18–27 kg
Male: 18–27 kg


These dogs can get very on well with children, household pets, and other dogs even strangers are normally greeted exuberantly.  The bearded collie will adapt itself to the situation but you can give it no greater pleasure than to take it on long country walks. Bearded collies have no tendency to run away          (in contrary they stay close by you). This breed usually performs well in obedience trials and agility competitions    



The undercoat is dense and woolly; the outer coat is straight, tough, long and rough. Permitted colors are black, blue, slate-colored, reddish- brown, all shades of grey with the markings on the nose, chest, leg and feet or neck. The white markings are not permitted beyond the shoulder.


The Bearded collie requires lots of grooming. The hair must be brushed and combed a couple of time each week to avoid tangles. Remove excessive hair between the pads and keep inside the ears clean. The hair of a bearded collie should be parted along the back.  


The Bearded collie is an intelligent dog who learns quickly. Treating it severely during if the training does not work; you can achieve better result dose not by a playful, soft-handed approach. Give it ample praise and avoid pressurizing it, because that spoils its receptive and                                                         friendly disposition.

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