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Breed Description


Originating in France, the Standard poodle as its known was a gundog over a wide area, including France, Germany, and Russia. Its adaptability, intelligence, and unusual appearance soon led to its being used for wide range of purposes as well as in the production of other gundogs breeds.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium sized dog


Standard Poodles are extremely intelligent, high-spirited dogs which are lively, affectionate, sociable with other dogs, and are loyal to their handler. Most of them enjoy swimming.

Breed Group:

Companion and toy dog


37.5 – 38.5cm (15in)


20.5 – 32kg (45 – 70lb)


They are dogs that get on well with their own kind and with other household pets; there is also unlikely to be any problem with children. You will always be warned of visitors.


They come with fine, woolly but fizzy hair coat. Colors acceptable with Standard Poopdles range from:   white, black, apricot, brown, and grey. Poodles that form corded coats after a time are very exceptional.


Poodles are majorly show dogs. Show dogs have to be clipped out according to the breed-style. This requires considerable skill and knowledge and is best left to a professional specialist salon. Keeping a dog in this condition requires not only considerable time but also cost some fortune.

The poodle is regarded as one of the most difficult breed-standard patterns to achieve – if not the most difficult. The competition is usually considerable in the show-ring. Poodles that are kept as pets are usually closely trimmed leaving longer hair on the head, the ears, and the legs.  They do not shed their hair. Check the teeth for tartar and clean the ears regularly. Poodles can be washed quite often. 


This breed is fairly easy to train because they learn so quickly. They can win attention  of people in various dog sports such as fly-ball and agility skills trials.


The head is long and fine with almond-shaped eyes, and the chest is deep and moderately wide. The back is short and strong. The tail is normally docked. Poodles are often chosen as pets by those who are normally allergic to dogs, as they do not shed their hair and lack the distinctive “doggy” smell.

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