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Boxer Puppies for Sale

Breed Description


Boxers are very exuberant, energetic, playful and agile dogs. They are good natured and friendly to all, although proper socialization is needed to ensure they are tolerant of other dogs. Boxers were originally bred to hang on to the nose of large game until hunters arrived. Nowadays Boxers are used mainly as police dogs and guard dogs.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium sized dog breeds


This happy, friendly, spontaneous, and intelligent dog is eager to learn and curious, learning quickly, it is also vigilant, boisterous, uncomplicated, straight forward, lively and constantly on the move, bonding very closely with family.

Breed Group:

Working dog breed


Males:  57 – 63cm (22 – 25in).

Females:  53 – 59cm (21 – 23in).


Males: 30 – 32kg (66 – 70lb)

Females: 25 – 27kg (55 – 60lb)


Boxers are known for the way they get on so well with children. A well brought-up and properly socialized Boxer will also get on with his own kind and other household pets.


The Boxer has a short smooth-haired coat. They are either brindle or yellow, possibly with white markings and a dark face’ the white should not cover more than a third of the dog.


The coat can be kept in condition by grooming occasionally with a rubber brush. Do this particularly during moulting.


Teach the Boxer not to jump up at people. Since it learns quickly and has substantial intelligence, the Boxer is ideal for various sporting activities from defense trials to skill trials. This dog is for experienced and affectionate owner who will enjoy an exuberant, responsive dog and who have enough time and energy for exercise, play and training.


The Boxer is a medium-sized sturdy dog of square build with a short back, strong limbs and short, tight-fitting coat. The Boxer is clean and hard in appearance, with a firm, springy stride. The head is square and short, a distinctive feature of the breed, with skin forming deep wrinkles. In some countries the ear may be cropped while its illegal in some countries like Britain. The mouth is normally undershot, though the teeth of the under-jaw should not be seen when the mouth is closed.

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