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Breed Description


Powerful and courageous, the Mastiff’s sheer size alone would deter all but the most determined intruder. They are protective of their owners and territory and require a great deal of time for early and continued socialization with both dogs and people.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Large sized dog breed


The Mastiff is a calm, self-confident, watchful, and patient dog who is soft-natured towards his family, intelligent and dignified. It rarely barks but it is in its nature to defend its territory and the family who go with it against wrongdoers.

Breed Group:

Working dog breed


70 – 76cm (28 – 30in)


79 – 89kg (175 – 190lb)


Despite the strength of the Mastiff it has a calm temperament and is affectionate and protective towards its owner. It needs plenty of space and has a hearty appetite. Provided they are correctly socialized, the Mastiff presents no problems mixing with other dogs, and household pets. They get on well with children but may refuse strangers access unless they are accepted by their handler.


The Mastiff’s coat is short-haired and can be apricot, silver, yellow, or streaked. Witt all of them, the muzzle, ears and nose should be black.


During moulting the loose and dead hairs can best be removed by using a rubber brush. Give the Mastiff a soft place to lie down to avoid ugly pressure marks. Economies must not be made with the young and growing dog’s diet. Good nutrition is essential to optimum growth. Like other mastiff types, the Mastiff has a high pain threshold and since it is very demanding of itself, injuries and illnesses can be overlooked until they are truly serious.


Training a Mastiff must be enjoyable, conducted calmly and in a harmonious manner. Consistency, lots of love and plenty of understanding works wonders during training sessions.


The Mastiff is a large, massive, and robust dog with a symmetrical and well-knit frame, combining grandeur with good nature and courage with docility. The Mastiff has a square, powerful-looking head, strong teeth, heavy muscular shoulders and hindquarters, and a long, tapering tail.

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