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Breed Description


Dobermans are one of the most popular dogs in the world especially in the USA where they are known as Dobermann Pincher (Pincher is the German for terrier). They are strong in both body and mind. Easily trained, they make natural guards and are affectionate and loyal to their owners. They have abundant energy and they need careful socialization when young.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium-sized dog breed


Doberman is an active, cunning dog that bonds closely with its owner. They are brave, intelligent, good guard-dog, loyal, dependent, occasionally noisy and boisterous, and has tremendous stamina. Doberman’s have tendency to become a one-person’s-dog.

Breed Group:

Working dog breed


Males: 68 – 72cm (27 – 29in)

Females: 63 – 68cm (25 – 27in)


Males: 40 – 45kg (88 – 99lb)

Females: 32 – 35kg (71 – 77lb)


A properly socialized Doberman can get along fine with other dogs, other household pets, and children. Unwanted visitors are stopped in their tracks.


The color of the sleek smooth coat of short hairs is often black and tan, or brown and tan. Coats of blue and tan, or grey-yellow and tan are not recognized in every country.


A Doberman’s coat does not require much attention. During moulting use a rubber glove with knobbled surface to remove dead and loose hairs. Keep the claws short and check the teeth from time to time for tartar.


This strong, handsome dog requires very careful and consistent training. Strive to ensure everything is harmonious throughout the training. If you have little experience of training dogs, then the Doberman is not for you to own. Always act clearly and fairly with a Doberman; never hit it and make absolutely sure it is not pestered. They are ideally suited to defense-dog training, but do not start too young and avoid too much pressure on the dog in the early stages – never force it!


The Doberman is a medium-sized dog with a well-set body, muscular and elegant, proud carriage and bold alert temperament, compact and tough with light, elastic movement. The head is long and clean, and the eyes are deep and almond-shaped. The ears may be erect or dropped; they may be cropped in countries where the operation is not banned. The body is square, and the back is short and firm, the tail is normally docked.

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