Collie (Rough & Smooth)



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Breed Description


This breed originated, like the other Collie breeds, Border and Bearded, in the dark-colored herding dogs of Scotland, from which the name is derived, col being Anglo-Saxon for black. They come in two varieties: the Rough Collie with long-hair and Smooth Collie with short-hair. They are very alert, happy, active and friendly dog good for the family.

Country of Origin:

Northern England & Scotland

Size type:

Medium dog breeds


The Collie is a very happy, very intelligent dog with enthusiasm for work, cunning, sociable, protective, energetic, alert, loveable, watchful, sensitive, affectionate, they bond closely with their family members. Like most dogs in same group, they have no tendency to run away. They would rather stay close to you.

Breed Group:

Herding dog breed


Males: 56 – 61cm (22 – 24in)

Females: 51 – 56cm (20 – 22in)


Male: 20.4–29.4 kg
Female: 18.1–24.9 kg


The collie gets on well with its own kind, other pets, and children. Visitors whom you wish to see are given a friendly welcome.


The Collie comes in long-hair (Rough) & short-hair (Smooth). They are available in sable, blue-black, and three colors. The three colors are chiefly black with white and tan markings. The long-haired coat is a desired feature for showing.


The Collie requires regular grooming about once a week consisting of a thorough brushing. In the areas of the coat that are thickest, the brushing should be worked right through to the skin to prevent tangles. During moulting, daily brushing and combing is necessary.


The Collie learns very quickly and is best trained using the intonation of your voice.


The body conformation is firm, hard and muscular, a trifle long in proportion to the height. The ribs are well-rounded behind the well-sloped shoulders and the chest is deep, extending to the elbows. The back is strong and level, supported by powerful hips and thighs and the croup is sloped to give a well-rounded finish.

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