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Breed Description


The Pekingese was in the ancient times, the sacred dog of China. Their introduction to the West came after the Imperial Palace in Peking had been looted; part of this loot was a fawn and white Pekingese which passed into the hands of Queen Victoria. 

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Small dog breed


The Pekingese are affectionate, noble dogs that possess a winning way. They can be both self-centered and stubborn, but they are intelligent, brave, and not particularly fond of strangers. They choose who will be their “boss”.

Breed Group:

Toy dog breed


The shoulder-height is about 20cm (7.5in).


 These dogs weigh  4 – 5kg (8 – 11lb).


The Pekingese do not generally have problems in mixing with other animals although this has a lot to do with extent to which they have been socially trained. Since they do not like to be disturbed when they are resting, they are less suitable for a household with young children.


The abundant long-haired coat has a copious undercoat. A wide range of colors are known for the breed with the most unusual being black and beige, sometimes combined with white. There are no albino or liver-colored Pekingese.


The Pekingese require intensive grooming of its coat. Teach them when young to regard it as something enjoyable, to prevent wrestling matches every time you use a brush and comb when they grow up.


Although a Pekingese will not let you lay down the law to it, it is essential to teach it some basic principles if you do not want to be saddled with a bad-tempered dog that wants its own way. Praise it when does something well but do not punish too harshly when it gets it wrong – this is the best way to achieve anything.


The Pekingese should be a small, well-balanced, thick-set dog with great dignity, a fearless carriage, and an alert, intelligent expression. The head is massive for the size of the dog, the skull broad, wide, and flat between the ears and eyes. The nose very short and broad, well wrinkled with a firm under jaw, giving a flat profile. The eyes are large, clear, dark, and lustrous; the ears heart-shaped and carried close to the head, with long profuse feathering. The body is short with a broad chest, falling away behind, lion-like with a distinct waist.

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