Alaska Malamute



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Breed Description


Alaska Malamute is a thick haired breed used mainly as sledge dog and family pet. The wolf-like breed is always independent in nature but very friendly even to strangers.

Country of Origin:
North America (Alaska)

Size type:

Large Breed dog

The Alaska Malamute is an affectionate dog which is intelligent, friendly, loyal, and noble, but can have a mind of its own and be dominant and certainly never slavishly following your whims. They learn quickly and have tremendous stamina.

Breed Group:

Working dog breed


The shoulder-height is about 64cm (25.5in) for dogs and about 58cm (22.5in) for bitches.

Female: 32–38 kg, Male: 36–43 kg


Alaska Malamutes generally gets on well with children – they are actually friendly with everyone – which makes them quite unsuitable as watchdogs. They can display dominant behavior with other dogs of the same sex as themselves. Cats are not really suitable companions in the same house unless you have accustomed the dog to cats when it was young.


The Alaska Malamute has a thick, coarse outer-coat with a greasy and wholly under-coat. The normal colors are wolf-grey, or black with white – always with white on the stomach and white face or top of the head. Other colors are permitted but white is the only plain color which is accepted. 


Much grooming is not really needed for Alaska Malamute but during moulting it is best to use a coarse comb with a double row of teeth to remove loose and dead hairs.


Despite the friendly nature, this dog needs firm hand in its training. The Malamute therefore calls for a handler with plenty of confidence who can understand the character of this dog. With such a handler they can learn a great deal – even including agility skills, although it will be outperformed in competition by one of sheepdog breeds.


Alaska Malamute comes with thick hair coat and large paws. They are slightly longer than tall, compactly built, but not short coupled. The chest is deep and well enlarged. Beneath the coat of this breed is a well-muscled dog.

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