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Breed Description


Neopolitan Mastiff also known as Italian Mastiff or Italian Bulldog among other names is an ancient breed originated from Italy. 

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Large Breed Dog


Neopolitan mastiff is a dominant, watchful, equable, and peaceful dog which is brave, intelligent, not aggressive, affectionate, demanding of itself, and does not really bark.

Breed Group:

Working Dog Breed


The shoulder height is 65 – 75cm (25.5 – 29.5in) for dogs and 60 – 68cm (23.5 – 26.5in) for bitches.


50 – 70kg (110 – 154lb)


Like many dogs originally bred for fighting, the Neopolitan mastiff is devoted to and fiercely protective of its family. The dog can be somewhat dominant towards other dogs that they meet, but with regard to children they are generally always loving, provided the children do not tease them.


The coat is short-haired and most usually blue-grey; they can also be grey, black, brown, and fox red. All colors may be broken. A little white on the chest or feet is permitted.


During moulting the dead and loose hairs are best removed with a rubber brush. The breed likes a draught-free and dry place to sleep which must be soft to prevent pressure marks.


This breed requires a good, well-balanced training. Ensure you are consistent in approach and do not keep repeating commands that it has failed to obey. This breed is for experienced trainer. A calm handler with natural leadership will achieve the best result with this breed. It is in their nature to protect you and your possessions – it does not need to be reminded.


The head is so massive that it seems to be the most important part of the body. The ears fall toward the front, the brilliant and penetrating eyes are black or grey, the chest is deep and hairy, the hind legs powerful. The loose-fitting skin round the head and sagging dewlap give it a rather mournful expression.

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