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Breed Description


The Greyhound is very popular as racing dog. Originating from England the dog is considered the fastest dog ever if not the fastest animal after cheetah. They serve both as hunting dogs and family pet. They are relatively clean animal that they prefer to lie on a sofa to the flour.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Giant Dog Breed


Greyhounds are intelligent, curious, and affectionate dogs, which are kind to children, and are very loyal to their handler and family. If necessary they will protect their family.

Breed Group:

Hound dog breed


The shoulder-height for Males is 71-76 cm (28 - 30 in) while the females 68 - 71cm (27 - 28 in).


Males: 27 to 40 kg  (60 to 88 lb),  females: 27 to 34 kg (60 to 75 lb).


They are very good with children but have a tendency to chase small dogs and possibly injure them. They love to chase any moving thing especially fast moving creatures or thing. The Greyhound is not an aggressive dog, as some may believe due to muzzles worn during racing. Muzzles are worn to prevent injuries resulting from dogs nipping one another during or immediately after a race, when the 'hare' has disappeared out of sight and the dogs are no longer racing but still excited. The thin skin of the Greyhound can tear easily from a small nick from teeth, so even a minor skirmish can result in stitches and time out from racing.


The Greyhound has both short-haired and rough-haired version. The majority of dogs are black, sandy, white, red, brown, yellow, or a roan.


The Greyhound is a naturally clean dog and requires minimal grooming. In common with other dogs, the ears should be checked regularly and the claws kept short.


Greyhound during training requires consistent approach and with much patience and insight, these relatively untamed dogs can be basically trained. Try to direct its natural character towards the desired direction and do not expect a perfectly responsible personality because it’s the wrong dog for that. Try to get the dog acquainted with other people and different situations at the puppy stage.


The Greyhound possesses remarkable stamina and its long-reaching movement enables it to move at great speed; over a measured sprint it is probably the fastest of all dogs. The head is long and elegant, the eyes bright and intelligent, the neck long and muscular. The chest is deep and capacious with the flanks well cut-up, the legs are strong, well boned and powerfully muscled.

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