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Pug Puppies for Sale

Breed Description


The Pug is a toy breed which is believed to have originated from ancient China. This breed has all the characteristics of some mastiff breeds from its looks and conformation. It was associated with the Dutch House of orange after it saved the life of William, Prince of Orange, by warning of Spanish intruders.

Country of Origin:

China / England

Size type:

 Small size dog breeds


Pugs are calm indoors, sociable, sensitive, have a very funny looks, very affectionate and intelligent, and they are physically demanding of themselves. They snore a lot especially while sleeping deeply.

Breed Group:

Toy dog breed (AKC).


The shoulder-height is about 35cm (13.5in).


They weight about 7kg (15.5lb).


Pugs get on well with other dogs and pets, and they behave perfectly with both children and visitors. They can be very jealous if their owner’s attention goes elsewhere thus demands lots of attention.


They come mostly in short-hair coat which can be silver, black, apricot or fawn. Paler colors should have clearly defined black mask and ears.


Pugs require less grooming but the facial creases should be attended to now and then to avoid being infected. Special lotions made for this purpose are recommended. Loose hair can be easily removed with a rubber brush. Eye drops may also be necessary a times.


Pugs are very sensitive breed and also quite obedient therefore require gentle-handed approach during training. They pick voice intonation well making harsh punishment unnecessary.


The modern day pug breed is a square cobby body, a compact form, a deep chest, and well-developed muscle. The head is round, massive, and deeply wrinkled, the muzzle short and blunt,  the eyes very large, bold, and dark. The forelegs are strong and straight, the hindquarters muscular. The tail is curled tightly.

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