German Shorthaired Pointer



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Breed Description


The German pointer (shorthaired) probably has its origins in the dogs introduced by home-coming crusaders, intermingled with indigenous bird dogs and the Spanish Pointer, with style and elegance being largely dependent on the blood of The English Pointer.  Nowadays the breed has a deservedly high reputation as a general-purpose gundog.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Medium sized dog breeds


These dogs are tractable, intelligent and eager to learn, loyal, active, spontaneous, brave, vigilant, playful, friendly, and have a good scenting nose.

Breed Group:

Sporting Dog breeds


The shoulder height is 58- 64cm (21.5 – 24.5in) for dogs and 53 – 59cm (21 – 23in) for bitches.


Dogs: 25 – 31.8kg (55 – 70lb).’

Bitches: 20.4 – 27.2kg (45 – 60lb)


German Pointers generally get on well with their own kind, other animals, and with children. Although they tend to be friendly with everyone, they can be vigilant.


 The short-haired coat is recognized in brown (with and without white markings), dark brown roan, light brown roan, and white with brown markings on the head or with brown patches or spots. There are also black coats with the same combination of markings as the brown varieties. Yellow markings are also permissible.


The German Short-haired Pointer does not need much attention to its coat. An occasional brushing will keep the hair in good condition. Check from time to time to ensure that the ears are clean.


The Short-haired German Pointers  are not difficult to train because they are intelligent and eager to learn provided their handler is consistent in approach. They like to be busy and they enjoy working for their handler. They are outstanding all-round field sports dogs.


The head is clean cut, the shoulder sloping, the chest deep, and the back short and powerful. Strong quarters provide propulsion for well-coordinated, economical movement.

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