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Breed Description


The Weimaraner is an ideal hunter’s companion that are quick to learn new tricks. They also make excellent family pet as long as they get enough exercises. They are highly regarded by field sports people who will find it very reliable as a working dog. They are affectionate and loyal to their family.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Medium sized dog breeds


Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)

Gundogs (UKC)



These dogs are friendly, intelligent, keen to work, energetic with considerable stamina. Vigilant, and protective. The Weimaraner is a good field sports dog.



The ideal shoulder-height is 59 – 70cm (23 ½ -27 ½ 2in) for dogs and 57 – 65cm (22 ½ - 25 ½ 2in) for bitches.



30-40kg for dogs and 25-35kg for bitches



The dogs are usually very friendly with children and if they are properly socially trained when young, they can share companionship with cats and other animals without a problem. They also get on equally well with other dogs. They are reasonable vigilant but not particularly unfriendly towards strangers. But be assure when necessary this dog will be there for you.



There are two different type of coat: the short-haired and the long-haired, both of which are silver/roe-deer or mouse-coloured. Small white marks on the chest and feel are permitted.



The short-haired Weimaraner needs little attention for its coat. Removed dead hairs occasionally with a rubber brush. With the long-haired type it is best ton brush the coat followed by combing. Check regularly to ensure that the ears are clean.



Weimaraner are quickly to learn and eager to please their handler, and intelligent enough to understand what is require of them. The handler needs to exude confidence because this breed can be somewhat dominant.


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