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Breed Description


A popular family dog for good reason, Golden Retrievers are good natured, playful and kind. These dogs are people enthusiasts and are just as happy greeting people at the door with a shoe in their mouths as they are retrieving game in the field. It has been suggested that the Golden retriever has its origins in a troupe of Russian circus dogs which Lord Tweedsmouth saw and took into Britain. Golden retrievers is a relaxed, kind, friendly, confident, responsive and sensible breed of dog. The coat which is yellowish brown is where the name ‘Golden’ retriever came from.

Country of Origin:

Great Britain

Size type:

Large dog breed


Golden Retriever is a lovable, intelligent, sociable, self-confident, sensitive dog with a good memory that has great adaptability and is not always barking.

Breed Group:

Working dog breed


The shoulder-height is 56 – 61 (22 – 24in) for males, and 51 – 56 (20 – 22in) for females.


Males 27 – 36kg (60 – 80lb), females 25 – 32kg (55 – 70lb).


Dogs of this breed get on fine with other dogs, animals, and children, although the dog might need protection from the children. Most of these dogs become real friends with humans although some can be very vigilant and cautious with unknown visitors.


The color is any shade of gold or cream, but neither red nor mahogany and the texture of the hair is flat or wavy with good feathering and a dense, water-resistant undercoat.


The coat of this dog should be brushed as little as possible to avoid changing its curly nature from the breed standard. Grooming cannot be avoided though during the moulting period.


Training a Golden Retriever is not much of a hard work because it’s intelligent enough to grasp what is expected of it. Structure the training to make the dog view it as a challenge and vary the excercises because monotony will cause the dog to lose interest. Consistency is also very important.


The Golden Retriever is symmetrical, active, and powerful, a good level mover, sound and well put together. The head is broad, the expression kindly, the eyes dark, the muzzle squarish and jaw strong. The dog is a strong, muscular creature especially at the shoulder and hindquarters.

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