Epagneul Breton or Brittany



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Breed Description


The Epagneul Breton also called Brittany Spaniel is an ideal hunter’s companion. They also make excellent family pet as long as they get enough exercises. They are highly regarded by field sports people who will find it very reliable as a working dog. They are affectionate and loyal to their family


Country of origin:



Size type:

Medium sized dog breed


Breed group:

Sporting dog breed (AKC)



These are lively, intelligent dogs that love to retrieve but can have a mind of their own, they rarely bark, are gentle-natured, affectionate, and obedient. These outstanding and un-tiring field sport dogs are highly thought of by French hunters. 



The shoulder-height is 48 – 50cm (18 ½ - 19 ½ 2in) for dogs and 47 – 49cm (18 ½ - 19 ½ 2in) for bitches.



They weight about 15kg (33lb).



A well-trained Epagneul Breton is very loving with children, and gets on well bogs and other animals. They will bark if they sense danger.



The coat consist of lightly or strongly waved fine hairs. The breed colour are white and orange, white and chestnut, white and black, three-colour, or a man of one of these colours. The most common colour is white reddish brown.



This breed does not need much attention to its coat. An occasion brushing, particularly in the areas where the coat is thickest, is sufficient to keep it in good condition. Check the ear passage regularly to ensure they are clean.



Epagneul Breton are easily trained because they are intelligent, learn and are obedient. Bear in mind that they are sensitive to hard words and any undercurrent of unrest in the home. 


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