Wired German Pointer



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Breed Description


This German Pointer is an ideal hunter’s companion. They also make excellent family pet as long as they get enough exercises. They are highly regarded by field sports people who will find it very reliable as a working dog. They are affectionate and loyal to their family


Country of origin:



Size type:

Large dog breeds


Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)

Gun dogs (UKC)



This is an affectionate, active, and intelligent dog which is loyal to its own family, and is eager 6to learn, equable, vigilant, has a good nose, and can be dominant.



The shoulder-height is 60 – 62cm (23 ½ - 26 ½ 2in) for dogs and 56 – 62cm (22 -24 ½ 2in) for bitches.






This breed usually gets along well with other dogs and household animals. They are normally patient with children. They are friendly with those they know but can be vigilant if necessary.



The rough, wire-haired coat is close and dense, with a dense undercoat. The colour are brown roan, brown with or without white, and white with a brown head and brown makings. A black roan is also permissible.



The hair of the coat should be as possible but must not look untidy. The hairs need to be hand-plucked occasionally – how often depends on the coat. Between such plucking sessions, brush thoroughly about once per week. This is a good chance to check the ear passages to ensure they clean.  



Wire-haired German Pointer learn quickly, though they need a handler who is consistent in approach. In common with the short-haired variety, they like to be occupied and they enjoy working for their handler. They are outstanding all-round field sports dogs The Wire – haired is more dominant than the short-haired type. 


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