Cesky Fousek



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Breed Description


The Cesky Fousek is a dog that is bred for retrieving therefore it is an ideal field sports dog. Overtime it has also been used as a family bet because of its calm and affectionate nature. They are close friends with children.


Country of origin:

Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Size type:

Medium dog breeds


Breed group:

Gun dogs (UKC)



This a friendly, intelligent, and gentle-natured dog which is affectionate, tractable, obedient, and vigilant. Indoors they are calm; out of door they very active and tough on themselves. They Cesky Fousek is an all-round field unmoving facing their prey as the wind carries the sense of wild game to them.



The shoulder-height is 60 – 66cm (23 ½ - 26in) for dog and 58 – 62cm (22 ½ 24 ½ 2in) for bitches.



28-34kg for dogs and 22-28kg for bitches.



Cesky Fousek get on fine with other dogs and your other household animals, although their hunting instincts can cause problem with cats, for example. They are fine with children provided they are not pestered in their own domain.



The coat is rough-haired and the most usual colour is a brown road (with or without patches), but plain brown with a white chest is also possible.



 The condition of the coat determines how often the Cesky Fousek needs to have its hair hand-plucked: never, once a year, or more times each year. The breed, moustache, and eyebrows are left alone during this process. Between plucking sessions, brush the coat occasionally and clip any excess hair between the pads of the feet. Check for any hair growth in the ear passage and remove it.



Because they are quickly and eager pupils, the training of this breed is not particularly difficult. Make sure though that there is plenty of variety because when made to do the same all the time they will protest.


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