Bracco Italiano



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Breed Description


The Bracco Italiano is an Italian dog that is bred for retrieving therefore it is an ideal field sports dog. Overtime it has also been used as a family bet because of its calm and affectionate nature. They are close friends with children.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Large and big dog breeds


Breed group:

Gun dogs



This is an equable and compliant dog which is intelligent, has a sense of humour, is thoughtful, gentle-natured, calm in the house, affectionate, and sensitive. They do not grow up mentally until they are two and half to three years old. They are used as all-round field sport dogs for game birds.



The shoulder-height is 57 – 68cm (22 ½ - 26 ½ 2in) or dogs and 55 – 62cm (22 ½ - 24 ½ 2in) for bitches.






Bracco Italianos get along well with other dogs and do not usually difficult with other household animals. They become close friends with children. They will always go into action at the hint of danger.



The Bracco Italianos has a cost of short, dense, and shiny hair. Permitted colour are white; white with large or small patches of orange, amber, or chestnut; and white with orange or chestnut-brown mottling.



The coat of this dog does not require much attention. During the moult you can remove dead and loose hair by grooming with a rubber brush.  Keep its passages clean.



They need to be training with a consistent but gentle approach. They are very sensitive to and react strongly to the sound of your voice. Praise them if they do well. When trained in the right way, they pick things up quickly. Too tough an approach has an adverse effect. It will achieve nothing except for the dog to lose its respect for you. Avoid over-taxing them physically during early growth. In particular limit going up and down stairs and steps. 


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